Touch Typing

Part of Family Learning

The TypeFast System™ that transfers the vital life skill of touch typing.
The TypeFast System™ helps you move from the “hunt-and-peck” two fingered approach to the better approach of thinking on your fingertips 6 times faster.

The system teaches not only the layout of the QWERTY keyboard, but also the best finger movements for each key. The aim of this workshop is to learn a valuable life skill whilst demonstrating the power of Accelerated Learning.

  • Type with all eight fingers instead of with two
  • Invest in your future by taking better care of the health of your hands, wrists
  • Articulate your ideas quickly and efficiently on the computer
  • Type without thinking - enabling you to focus on what really matters
  • Develop a life skill that is valuable to employers in most businesses
  • Save a great deal of time
  • Experience a transferable model of learning


Everyone who attends the programme gets a licensed copy of our
support software to make it natural to continue their progress.

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