Intro to the Brain

Part of Family Learning

This course works with half the student body in the morning and half in the afternoon, with teachers present throughout. Our goal is to teach the students how their brains function, and expose them to some of the learning strategies they can use to engage it more effectively. Through practical experience, learning becomes fun and easy and as successful learning takes place, so the students are won over to the tools being used.

At the end of the day, a two hour session for teachers explores the approaches they can use in the reality of the class room, to embed some of the tools highlighted during the day. The goal of this session is to create some quick wins, that will make the delivery of learning a more enjoyable and successful experience for all teachers in the school. With limited time in this session, the experience will be focussed and results orientated.

  • Understand the importance of their own mindset to succesful learning
  • Increase problem solving, creativity, concentration and memory
  • Assimilate and present large volumes of information quickly
  • Improve thought organisation

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