Baby Matterz

Enhanced learner engagement

Baby Matterz is a new and innovative programme that links new mothers and their babies to a class of primary or secondary school pupils.

Materials, training and support are provided to enable practitioners to lead monthly sessions, during which pupils learn about the social, emotional and physical development of babies and toddlers.

Key objectives Baby Matterz aims to:

  • promote pupils’ social and emotional development
  • develop self-esteem and confidence in pupils and their parents/carers
  • offer creative methods and resources for classroom practitioners, to enable them to raise pupils’ attainment
  • encourage pupils and their parents/carers to develop healthier lifestyles
  • improve pupils’ overall motivation for learning
  • create opportunities for the teacher to tackle issues such as bullying and social inclusion
  • help pupils to develop positive relationships with parents/carers
  • engage children with issues such as healthy eating, hygiene, and the emotional and developmental needs of young children
  • reinforce good practice in childcare
  • create an opportunity for the mother to focus on their baby and to reflect on their relationship with it.

The programme reaches a wide range of experienced and first-time parents. It has the potential to develop outreach mentoring provision between Baby Matterz parents and teenage parents in the community, for example, in children’s centres.

The learn more about the impact Baby Matterz is having in primary and secondary schools by visiting the website below.