Presentation skills

Part of Team Development

The key to a successful intervention is to firstly understand where in the process we are coming in. For example are we assisting an individual or a team to improve a prepared presentation, such as an academy bid, or are we entering the process before script writing has occurred. Through early discussion with the individual or group, a context is set from which we can then draw on any of the following to deliver the desired outcome.
All sessions will touch on some or all of that listed below. Our aim is to ensure that the presenter presents in a calm relaxed manner allowing their true personality to shine through creating an engaging delivery that compels people to listen.
  • Prepare and plan for presentations
  • Apply techniques for working with audiences
  • Use advanced presentation skills
  • Use memory and recall techniques to help you when preparing and presenting
  • Handle questions and answer sessions more effectively
  • Practice a session using your natural style to create greater impact

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