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This is the most effective Speed Reading programme on the planet, designed and delivered by the worlds fastest reader - Howard Berg.

The first 100 Secondary schools to sign up their school get the programme for £1.00 for 1 year - terms and conditions apply. click the button below - "School licence" and make the purchase in our shop for £1.00.

The first 9 modules are free so you can get a feel for the value of the programme to you and your students.

To access modules 10 to 31

  • purchase as an individual and this licence allows you to facilitate the learning to your class of students in school - This is only £24.99 for the year - click the individual licence button below
  • purchase for the whole school - this licence provides every member of your Dendrite school community access anywhere at any time for 1 year - £249.00

Start at module 1

Each module contains a video you must watch with the class and supporting notes for the teacher/facilitator to use to run the session.

Each session lasts between 5 and 10 minutes depending upon the exercise that follows the video.


Also please note that throughout the programme Howard Berg is going to write notes for you, sharing his experiences of teaching speed reading and effective learning to students the world over. These are his personal thoughts and experiences and coupled with your ability to ask him any question you like via the "ask the experts" button in the channel, you have direct access to his skills and knowledge in a way that is very unusual for an online learning programme.

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