Primary Teachers

Part of Teaching and Learning

The key to any intervention at primary level is to understand that the developmental journey of a child through primary education is fundamentally about the structural development of mind and body.

Growth in both the brain and body is extreme during these years and the role of the school must be to nourish this growth holistically. So what does this mean in reality? Well put simply, the hundred billion brain cells a child is born with are continuing their fundamental organisation and structuring, and the processes of neural plasticity ensure that where the brain is engaged in a wide variety of experiences and stimuli, the brain develops capability that reflect these experiences.

It is important therefore, that whilst children should begin the process of understanding how to use their brain effectively over their time in school, it is as important that the environment within a primary school supports a rich developmental journey through to young adulthood. The programmes developed for this age group, are therefore designed to guide a teachers’ understanding of how to achieve the balance between a rich developmental environment, and the introduction of brain centred learning strategies for the individual learner.

As the critical conduit for the delivery of a rich and diverse developmental experience as well as effective teaching and learning in school, our programmes are design to give practical usable tools that will enhance the ability of teachers to engage all learners in the class room.

In each area of brain centered learning, you will have the option to bring a member of our team into your school to work with the group, access books and products we have reviewed and can recommend for your further investigations, or access personalised digital training videos through our Dendrite platform.