FE Teachers

Part of Teaching and Learning

The balance between empowering the learner and delivering a brain centred learning experience is critical within Further Education. All too often this will be the last opportunity to inspire young adults to become life long learners, and so the importance of the advice given to students about how they can use their brain effectively is fundamental.

Have a look at what happened in Calderdale College, Halifax, when teachers were given access to all of the ingredients that support an individual’s management of their own learning. The case study "accelerated teaching and learning" in the case study section of education makes compelling reading.

As the critical conduit for effective teaching and learning in school, our programmes are design to give practical usable tools that will enhance the ability of teachers to engage all learners in the class room. In each area of brain based learning, you will have the option to bring a member of our team into your school to work with the group, access books and products we have reviewed and can recommend for your further investigations, or access personalised digital training videos through our Dendrite platform.