Leading People

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Leading People

Leadership is the art of getting others to follow you, therefore leadership IS about leading people.
Before we can lead other people we need to know how to lead ourselves and hence our programme on Leading Self. Once we are clear on how to lead ourselves we can then start to look at how to lead others.

Much of what has been learned about how to lead oneself can be applied to leading other people.

The videos housed in this section of Dendrite are here to support you developing this area of leadership and through these videos, other books you will find on The Learning Partnership web site, and live training programmes you should have an appreciation of, and be able to apply day to day the following areas of Leading People.

Leading People - Level 1
Learners will....

  • Have learned how to apply some of what they have discovered about self leadership to leading others
  • Be able to run meetings that achieve the desired results and drive people to taking ownership
  • Have learned about change management and that embracing change and helping others through change is part of a leaders responsibilities
  • Be able to recognise difference in others - great leaders create teams of people who are different and that each of those differences contribute usefully to the team as a whole

Leading People - Level 2
Learners will....

  • Have learned about the art of delegation - what can be delegated vs what can't be delegated and use an appropriate style of leadership for each task
  • Be able to set objectives for followers that are outcome focussed and measurable
  • Have learned how to deliver feedback and manage under-performance in followers
  • Be able to consider things from different angles and think through the impact of decisions that are made

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