Accelerated Leader

Development Model

Welcome to “Accelerated Leader”. This suite of videos have been built around the 5 areas of school leadership identified in the recent review of the National Standards for School Leadership.

1. Leading the Organisation
2. Leading Teaching and Learning
3. Leading in the Community
4. Leading People
5. Leading Strategically

The revised Standards are pertinent to all leaders within school and these 5 key areas are considered to be important to a school’s success both from a pupil perspective and from a community perspective.

Our team of leadership development specialists, school leaders and educational bodies, have highlighted a set of leadership competencies which would support the area of school leadership being assessed. For each competence, a series of videos have been brought together to support leadership development.

Importantly these resources have been designed by school leaders, for school leaders, from the perspective of schools, to deliver a tool that immediately impacts upon the enhancement of school leadership.

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