We have, as a school been involved in the Baby Matters project for over a year.

As a mainstream, all boys secondary school, we have set up a Pilot Group within the project, of 16 pupils. The cohort were identified during year 7 and they are still continuing the Baby Matters project in year 8.
The lessons are part of the English Curriculum, involving Speaking, Listening and Writing skills as well as Comprehension.
Pupils on the project have gained in confidence and their emotional literacy has improved.
As part of our pupil tracking system we have identified improvements in attainment.
Some pupils from the Pilot Group increased their reading levels considerably:-

In the first part of the project the reading ages were increased by:-

  • 1 pupil by 6 Years
  • 1 pupil by 5 Years
  • 1 pupil by 4 Years
  • 2 pupils by 3 Years

In the second part of the project reading ages were increased by:-

  • 2 pupils by 3 Years

All pupils have increased their N.C levels in English.
The Baby Matters project has been part of the improvements in attainment as it has provided a different approach to learning.