Andy Craggs

Learning Coach

Andy Craggs has 20 years experience in business consulting, organisation leadership and talent management. His experience covers media, entertainment, high-tech and financial services with companies like The Wall St Journal, Sony Pictures/Columbia Tristar, The Walt Disney Company, Egg, and Saatchi & Saatchi. Andy’s focus is leadership development, executive coaching, and top level business facilitation.

As an internationalist Andy works in English, French, Italian, and Spanish, and is a frequent public speaker/writer on organisational strategy, international business, and cross-cultural management. Andy holds a business degree in Economics & Finance and teaches business and cultural studies at UCLA (US) and the IPA (UK).

Founder of The Jump Network, Andy brings a wide variety of skills and capabilities to the learning partnership.

Andy acts as a strategic partner and design consultant working with the learning partnership to engage people and organisations in the future development plans both individually and in groups to accelerate and ensure great performance. Using organisational diagnostics, talent development tools, and executive coaching, Andy gets results by helping connect people with the business strategy, helping them achieve clarity, focus, and specific action plans and goals for the future.