Adrian Woods

Learning Coach

Experienced trainer, economist, speaker and strategist specialising in accelerated learning, creativity, company strategy, and intellectual capital.


Adrian has an impeccable pedigree in the training world and is used to working at the highest level in organisations.

He has been trained and coached by world renowned expert in learning and development, Tony Buzan, who has appeared in numerous programmes on television about developing genius. Adrian specialises in how the brain works and uses that knowledge to deliver a fun, enjoyable, and knowledgeable learning experience. Adrian teaches accelerated learning and creativity techniques to teachers, students, senior mangers and chief executives in major organisations. He also teaches a wide range of other skills to improve organisational effectiveness such as: writing for business, communication, effective speaking, and problem solving.


Adrian runs strategy programmes for small and large organisations. We measure the true value of organisations, including the hidden assets you may not fully value at present. This helps make wiser strategic decisions and gives superior business strategies. Experience as Chief Economist, Creativity Coach and “cutting edge” thinking techniques combine superbly to get the best from organisational performance.


Adrian is a well known and respected speaker on: economics, the future, accelerated learning, creativity, innovation and intellectual capital. He also has a reputation as a thoroughly enjoyable otivational speaker. He writes regularly for the press and has given interviews to the BBC radio and television as well as journalists.


Extensive knowledge and skill with a track record helping people set and achieve their goals in life makes Adrian an excellent Life Coach. Add to that detailed knowledge and business experience and you have a first class Business Coach too. His reputation is fast developing in this area with companies and renown experts.


Before becoming a specialist strategy and creativity consultant Adrian was: Chief Economist at the Boots Company; Research Fellow in Organisational Productivity and Lecturer in Mathematical Economics and Statistics at Nottingham University; Senior Economist in the Energy Industry; and Operational Research Scientist with British Steel. A strong background in strategic thinking at the company and economy level and sat on the Sunday Business “Shadow Monetary Policy Committee” – a group of “real world economists” advising the Bank of England on interest rates through the press. Vast experience in organisations at a high level is an added bonus to his well respected economist, training and speaking skills. Can work alone but especially enjoys the richness of working in a team. Mostly works in the UK but also in mainland Europe.

Clients include:

  • Major companies such as CapitalOne, Boots, Powergen, Close Premium Finance and Novartis;
  • Local Government - Nottingham City Council, Erewash Housing, Business Link.
  • Educational establishments like colleges, universities, schools, and the Conference of Head Teachers;
  • Institutions including the CBI, Chartered Institute of Library Professionals, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and the Chartered
  • Institute of Personnel and Development;
  • Individuals from artists to managing directors of major international companies, from family fun learning days to renown experts in their field;
  • Small companies from theatre to training and computers.


  • BSc. (Hons.) Economics with Economic Policy
  • M.Phil. – Economic and Statistical Modelling of the Regional Economy and Electricity Demand
  • Licenced Instructor for Buzan Centres to teach Advanced Skills in Accelerated Learning and Creativity
  • NLP Master Business Practitioner.
  • NLP Licenced Trainer