The Coaching Team

The Learning Partnership

Our coaches have been engaged for their outstanding delivery and specialist knowledge in a particular field.

As an organisation we take enormous pride in our ability to engage any group of people, whether we are working with 6 year old children at primary school, teaching them how their brain works, and how to use it effectively in their learning journey, or members of the board of a FTSE 100 company, looking at how the vision of that organisation can be effectively communicated to the wider community. (5 year olds tend to be easier to work with)!

In every delivery we undertake, the key emphasis is fun! We know that if the brain of a human being is in a state of relaxed enjoyment, it gives off a chemical called Seratonin, which actively enhances the brains ability to learn. It acts as a lubricant for the brain cells, making learning easier and faster. Conversely, if the brain is bored, angry, tired or upset, it gives off a very different chemical, Cortizone, which has the opposite effect. It is essential therefor, that all learning is fun and engaging, and all of our coaches are well versed in achieving this outcome.

There is a huge mis-conception, born mainly out of our time at secondary school, that learning needs to be terribly serious. This is not to belittle the importance of the particular topic, but the manner in which information is shared and presented can have a massive impact on the retention levels of the individual. It makes no difference whether you are learning about the international law surrounding mergers and acquisitions, or the planets of the solar system, the science behind brain functionality is the same. If you add into this equation, all that is known about the differing ways people learn, the multi sensory nature of the human mind, the manner in which memory functions optimally, you have a cocktail that reduces learning time and increases adoption levels dramatically.

These principals are embedded in every engagement of The Learning Partnership, and the results are staggering.