Sarah Frossell

The Learning Partnership

Sarah works as a consultant and coach in schools and businesses helping them develop their organisations, their teams, and the potential of their people. Having spent 15 years as a classroom teacher specializing in English, Drama and later Special Needs, in secondary schools and colleges in England she has a clear understanding of how learning can be developed within schools.

She was department head of English in a Grammar School and then department head of Special Education, the Department for Exceptional Children, in a large 6-12 Comprehensive School, where she oversaw the testing and placing of all the incoming students, the design and use of systems for on-going measurement through the school, created a safe environment in which to effect the re-entry of school phobics and other students with emotional and family problems.

Sarah piloted innovative programs for gifted students, and dyslectics, which were then rolled out into the rest of the School District. She later advised and consulted with the senior management team, of which she was a member, and classroom teachers to bring the latest research on brain functioning and learning, accelerated learning and multiple intelligences into their work.

Her last formal educational position was as an advisor for Learning Development and ‘In Service’ Training in Hereford and Worcester, where she ran a team of over a hundred advisory teachers who, between them, spanned every curricular discipline. She has maintained links with the education sector and is frequently asked to speak on staff development days, to university teacher training departments and to teachers focusing in dyslexia, dyspraxia and those who run gifted programs, areas in which she has, over the years, developed a specialism.

Her role in the Baby Matterz authoring team is to bring to the table ideas for effective facilitation of the learning experience within the session itself, and in both pre and post learning environments.