Michael Spencer

Learning Coach

Awareness, Creativity and Team Work

Michael Spencer has an international music career as a performer, education head and consultant with, among others the LSO, Royal Opera House and the Japanese Government. He advises on large scale corporate, community and educational initiatives and includes past and current consultancies with the Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestras, the National School for the Arts (Johannesburg), the Development Disability Council (Florida) and the Norwegian Film Institute. 

Michael is currently director of Creative Arts Net (www.creative-arts.net), a company specialising in using the arts in a wide range of educational contexts, through which he has instituted a wide range of training programmes for teachers’ organisations, educational establishments and corporate clients (including the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Unilever and Saatchi & Saatchi) and speaks regularly on arts based training methods. 

He recently joined an international team of contributors, organised by the Arts and Business Council of Americans for the Arts, for a special edition of the Journal of Business Strategy, and was the guest presenter of the Young and Rubicam seminar at Cannes Lions 2006. 

Michael is a senior consultant with The Learning Partnership and leads the language and music division of the organisation’s cognitive and learning unit. Co-Author of Top Tips for Tiny Tots, the organisations most recent e-leanring module for parents, Michael is passionate about the role of music and language in learning, social development and intergration.