Lex McKee

Learning Coach

Founder of LearnFast World Ltd; iCademy Ltd, Lex Studios Ltd; Analogica Ltd and Metamorphosis Records Ltd.

Lex McKee has been in the business of training and entertainment since 1982. Weaving the two fields together, he believes in the importance of ‘Entertrainment®’ – making learning both an enjoyable and engaging process. Naturally Successful Learning stimulates the emotions as well as the long-term memory, which means that entertraining experiences last longer and promote higher motivation leading to more sustainable change. Entertrainment® makes sound neurological & financial sense in the business of thinking.

Lex has worked for well over a decade with Vanda North formally of Buzan Centres Ltd, now The learning Partnership. Between them they have championed brain friendly learning through Tony Buzan’s techniques of Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Mnemonic systems. As a Buzan Master Trainer, Lex was responsible for Buzan trainer-training in the UK for six years and now heads up the training arm of The learning Partnership.

Lex specialises in three key development areas: learning, influencing, and creativity – the three fields associated with success in life and business and all applications of thinking skills. He has pioneered competence-based assessment in Accelerated Training methods for The Registry of Accelerated Trainers, enabling training professionals to design and deliver learning in soft and hard skills in a faster delivery time, with longer lasting retention, and with deeper learning mastery. His unique system is published in Gower’s “The Accelerated Trainer” - recognised as one of the most comprehensive and accessible guides to the application of accelerated learning. To demonstrate these techniques he wrote the programme ‘touch type in two hours’ which has now become a successful software product.

Strategically, he is now working on the concepts of “Living Organisations”, using biological, ecological, psychological, and even theological models to propose a fresh paradigm for education and business vitality and longevity.

As a Consultant, he has worked with such household names as British Gas, British Telecom, Burmah Petroleum Fuels Ltd, Clarks International, The CIPD, Colgate-Palmolive, DHL, Dundee City Council, Elsevier Science, Fenman, Hill Samuel Investment Group, IBM, J P Morgan, John Mowlem Construction, various NHS Trusts, Price Waterhouse, Rotring UK, Royal Mail and Safeway Stores plc. This work has all been rooted in boosting the Intellectual Capital of these organisations, helping Thinking Organisations get the most from their human resources. While much of this work is direct training, he backs up the training through personal coaching, writing, audio review materials, and through the expression of corporate concepts using Mind Maps®.

Lex runs a project studio to support direct training with ‘accelerated’ audio visual productions. There he composes music to support his relaxation and integration recordings as well as producing recordings with other key-note presenters. The techniques pioneered in the studio utilise a unique approach to enhancing the listener’s state of mind through blending layers of music, natural soundscapes, brainwave entrainment, empowering language, and binaural recording. The studio also offers a design service for educational materials.