Dr Arthur Gerard O'Malley


SECONDARY SCHOOL: St. Patrick’s College, Armagh. 11, O-Levels (4As, 7Bs) 3A-Levels (1A, 2Bs)

COLLEGE: Trinity College, Dublin. Medicine B.A. M.B., B.Ch. B.A.O. June 1990



1988 – 1989: Forensic Medicine: – Second Class Honours



The diagnosis and management of ADHD in young adults O’Malley A, Clark A Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry Sept/Oct (2003) 7 5: 24-27

The labelling of dissent- politics and psychiatry behind the Great Wall Lyons D., O’Malley A Psychiatric Bulletin Dec (2002) 26:443-444

Research Report: Assessment of needs of children with severe and complex mental health problems: funded by Manchester Health Authority Clark, Woodham, O’Malley et al Mar (2003) 65pp

Assessment of complex needs: needs and costs over one year Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nov (2005)

The Changing Relationship Between General Practitioners and Psychiatrists O’Malley A Forum. Journal of Irish College of General Practioners Dec (1990) 167-169

I.C.G.P. Booklet counselling in General Practice (1996) 76pp (on advising committee)

Elective Report Association of Old Adelaide Students Magazine (1990)

Reviews of Academic Papers Forum Journal of Irish College of General Practitioners

Letter to Department of Education (Republic of Ireland) on the future Development of Psychology Services for the Moslem School, Clonskeagh Co. Dublin


Current Research Project

Role of fever suppression, imitation and mirror neurones in the aetiology of autism spectrum disorder. I am investigating the feasibility of an initial pilot study with Professor Miyan (Faculty of Life Sciences University of Manchester) and plan to register for an M.D.
Special Interests: Paediatric Developmental Neuropsychiatry

Attendance at David Lewis Centre, Alderley Edge, Cheshire (from 01/01) Training in MCAST ADOS and EMDR Practitioner



A pilot study to investigate the neuro-endocrine response of subjects age 6 to 16 with ADHD to acute administration of methylphenidate (Ritalin)
The ICARUS project: professional interventions for mentally ill Parents and their Children. Building a European Model (co-ordinated by Dr. Shane Butler Dept of Social Sciences Trinity College Dublin.)
Drug metabolism in patients with adverse effects on SSRIs. A pilot study of phenotype and genotype of ten adult psychiatric patients using debrisoquine hydroxylation and DNA genotyping respectively as markers of individual patient drug metabolism.
Social Phobia and Alcohol Dependence Syndrome: A pilot study of the inter relationship of both these disorders in 40 psychiatric inpatients. Equal numbers of patients were evaluated using SCID interviews and CGI rating scales.
Completing the audit cycle-implementation of a full appointment system in a rural General Practice.
Management of thyroid disease in General Practice-A questionnaire survey of 100 GPs in the Dublin North and Meath faculties of the Irish College of General Practitioners.
Patients’ attitudes towards doctors working in General Practice. A report of a survey of 1000 patients in 10 Irish Rural and Urban Group Practices

Consultant Knowsley CAMHS 2/08/2004-present (appointed to substantive post on 25/10/04) Secondment to Halton CAMHS to develop Perinatal Mental Health Services.



Locum Consultant Stepping Hill Hospital 23/08/2004-1/8/2004

Specialist Registrar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the North Western Deanery: (Eastern Division) July 2000-Feb 2004 comprising:

RMCH CAMHS team with Professor Harrington 8/04/03-20/02/04

Adolescent Psychiatry Unit Inpatient team and Outreach Service 3/9/02-7/04/03

Royal Bolton Hospital CAMHS team 12/12/01-31/08/02  Tameside General Hospital comprising Springhill Child and Family Consultation Service and Staveleigh Clinic, Stalybridge 31/07/00-12/06/01

Eastern Health Board Training Scheme in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry July 1997-June 2000 comprising:
Child Psychiatry St James Hospital (Jul 97 –Dec 98)
Beech Park Special school for autism (2 sessions per week Jul -Dec 98)
Child Psychiatry Castleknock (Jan 99- Dec 99)
Courthall Residential Unit Mulhuddart Co. Dublin (Jan 00-Jun 00)
Locum Consultant Child Psychiatrist Portlaoise General Hospital July 2000

Dublin University Training Scheme in Adult Psychiatry: July 1994-June 1997

July 1994- June 1995Adult Psychiatry St Patrick’s Hospital and St. James’ Hospital
July- December 1995 Psychiatry of Addiction, St Patrick’s’ Hospital
Jan- June 1996Old age Psychiatry, St James’ Hospital
July-Dec 1996Psychiatry of Learning Disability, Good Counsel Centre, Ballyboden and St. Ita’s, Portrane.
Jan- June 1997Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry, St Patrick’s Hospital
Dublin Regional Vocational Training Scheme in General Practice Jul 1991-Jun 1994 
July 1990- June 1991Internship Meath and Adelaide Hospitals, Dublin



DCH 1993
MRCGP 1994
MRCPsych 1999


Examining 4th and 5th year medical students in OSCE and OSLER format (2001- 2003) 


My duties included organising the undergraduate teaching for 4th year medical students and development of special study modules in Pervasive Development Disorders, serious disorders of adolescence and in risk assessment and management of dangerousness at RMCH, the McGuinness and the Gardener Units respectively organised the OSCE’s. I also co-ordinated a 3-week placement by an elective medical student from Australia. I am currently involved in teaching 3rd year medical students during their placement at the Wellcroft Centre