Michele Gough

Secondary Schools

Before becoming an independent consultant, Michèle worked initially in retail and financial management during the 80’s boom before seeing the light and moving into the world of education. With a European background (Dutch mother, Spanish lineage, born in France) as early influence, she holds a Joint Honours degree in French and Spanish.

Holding Qualified Teacher Status and Headteacher accreditation, Michèle brings with her a wealth of knowledge, humour and insight from her time spent working as a secondary teacher (“probably the most rewarding part of my professional life thus far”), senior leader (“dealing with adults and their emotional and professional baggage is vastly more complicated than working with children and young people”) and adviser (“routinely beaten up by those above you and not trusted by those below you”) both locally and nationally.

A strong background in operational and strategic management together with knowledge and insight from her experiences of working in a variety of cross-phase educational and multi-agency settings, mainly involving schools facing challenging circumstances, enable her to work confidently with individuals and teams, children and adults; Michèle’s input and training help to not only raise standards but also to create the inclusive social and emotional ethos that underpins the Every Child Matters Agenda, engages all agencies and serves the needs of the community.

When working with senior teams her principle aim is to re-energise and remind them of their moral purpose, awakening them to their authentic leadership styles that help shape and determine the fabric of their learning environments.

As an experienced teacher and senior leader Michèle challenges the learning and behaviour of all by working with them from within, bringing the best out of themselves and ensuring that real ownership, together with sustained change are achieved. Using Spiral Dynamics © Values Profiling, she digs down into their values system to understand and overcome their inhibitors to learning and change.

The secret of her success? What you see is what you get – relevance, humour, an ability to engage with everyone, staying power and bags of energy. Time spent with her is guaranteed to be fun, relevant and worthwhile.

Past and previous work has involved:

Specialist School and Academies Trust
Milton Keynes Local Authority
Nottinghamshire Local Authority
Hertfordshire Local Authority
School of Emotional Literacy
National Mentoring Network
Thames Valley Partnership