Kevin Garrett


I'm a partner, with Christina Bush, in our niche consultancy, Social Facilitators. Which is our way of saying we're small in size, and focused in our practice! That focus is in building equity in the relationships that drive innovation and create value in business. Bringing together innovative digital players such as Humap, with the Learning Partnership to build Dendrite is one example of this.

I love spending my time working with clients in fields as diverse as software and healthcare, helping them build great workplaces for their people, and create great experiences for their customers. I see this as a continuation of the work I did for some 30 years in the UK's largest employee owned company and favourite retailer the John Lewis Partnership, where I built customer service, online, insight and community functions for it's food business, Waitrose.

A Fellow of the RSA,in my spare time I'm at my most relaxed when walking my retired greyhounds, and at my most hopeful urging Tottenham Hotspur do something I've yet to experience, and win the League title...