Dr. Dave Richards


Dr Dave Richards drives growth of sales, market share, profits, valuations, and capacity for value creation – through brilliant strategies, stakeholder engagement, and innovation. He has a highly successful track record as a globally responsible senior executive with Nortel Networks and Oracle Corporation and as an author, entrepreneur, innovator and co-founder of the MIT Innovation Lab. According to Roger Lacey, former Chief Strategy Officer of 3M, Dave’s highly acclaimed book, The Seven Sins of Innovation: A Strategic Model for Entrepreneurship, “elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level”. The book outlines his powerful approach to formulating and implementing strategies for commercialization, globalisation and growth – which he has effectively put into practice with a wide
range of organisations. At Nortel, Dave championed and managed major R&D investments leading to global industry leadership during the boom of internet growth, and many $ Billions of shareholder value. Other accomplishments included pioneering value psychology, user-driven design, and customer loyalty research; engaging a global network of partners as champion of Oracle’s global philanthropic education initiative; formulating and executing strategies to break into and grow key markets (US, Europe, Japan), including winning a $1 Billion per annum global technology supply deal; and revitalising a UK-based telecommunications business, growing turnover from £200 Million to £350 Million in a single year. More recently he has helped many private, public and third sector clients achieve high impact results through innovation. Examples include rapid growth in flat markets, breaking into new markets across cultural divides, successfully engaging elusive major customers and partners, enhancing cohesion and functioning of leadership teams, positively transforming enterprise cultures and performance, and driving substantially higher exit valuations. He supports startups through Microsoft Ventures and othe accelerator programs, as well as SMEs, governments and multinationals across a range of industries. Dave is a Fellow with the Institute of Directors. He and his family live on the outskirts of London, in Buckinghamshire.

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+44 7733 812295