Deidre Edwards

Early Years Development

Deirdre Edwards: Principal Pediatrics Chiropractor


State Registered Nurse
Registered Sick Children's Nurse
Midwifery: Part 1
Health Visiting Certificate
Diploma in Chiropractic (McTimoney Chiropractor)
She has specialised in child health care since 1971. As a qualified children's nurse, she was part of the first UK based multi-disciplinary and multi-agency paediatric assessment day unit based at the City Hospital in Nottingham.

It is clear that some of the ideas and the general approach on which the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) were based are reflected in the more recent Surestart projects and the work of Social Care Services in its child protection work. Her many years as a Health Visitor with an extensive caseload, equipped her for the pursuit of further preventative care for children.

Acknowledging the importance of the maturing nervous system and the role of the protective bony framework of the skeleton.

Deirdre has been able to utilise this experience to the benefit of many children on whose behalf she has been consulted and those she treats as a Chiropractor. Travelling to visit and work with other chiropractors has enabled her to assimilate differing views, and techniques. Pursuing excellence both in the clinical setting and beyond. She developed the very busy thriving family practice in Stratford upon Avon, which is testament to supporting the community and offering patients a choice. Her vision was to build up a family practice, caring for every member of the family, whatever age.

Speaking engagements, association and professional commitments ensure the longevity of the McTimoney Technique in the wider forum. Deirdre has always offered her graduating college (McTimoney Chiropractic College now at Abingdon, Oxfordshire) her support especially by welcoming new graduates a place in her clinic, creating a strong platform for them, & equally a vibrant team for the patients.