Christina Bush

Social Facilitator

I am a great fan of Sir Ken Robinson and his book The Element - How finding our passion changes everything. One of my favourite lines is:

" Never underestimate, the vital importance of finding early in life, the work that for you is play"

I am really blessed because I have found my passion and for me work is a joy.

Along with Kevin Garrett,  I am a Director of Social Facilitators. We work with organisations, teams and individuals from the public, private and voluntary sector helping them to create shared social value and lasting change.

I believe that trust and open and supportive relationships are the key to delivering lasting social change. So I help people access their own capability and confidence and create relationships which support organisational and personal change.

Over the years I have found that people get "stuck", they become so used to working and thinking in a particular way that they find it difficult to think beyond the obvious and think beyond the familiar.

So in Social Facilitators we create what we call " Third Spaces" these spaces vary from thinking and being spaces to doing spaces. We facilitate spaces to explore and collaborate and create.  Spaces where people come together around a shared vision, idea or passion and create products, services or new ways of working. We love helping "unlike minds" discover each others strengths and potential. We facilitate experiences for people to  work together to deliver extraordinary things which make a difference to themselves and others.