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Set up to understand the teaching and learning applications of the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience, TLP has pioneered major advances in educational Leadership, Teaching and Learner development over the last decade.
A company with a social mission, TLP has gathered together many of the thought leaders in this space, to collaborate and develop applications that make an immediate difference inside education. All of these energies have manifest in the build of a unique social learning platform, www.dendrite.me designed to support the developmental journey of human beings... from birth into adulthood.
This website can be used as a navigation resource to access all of the extraordinary resources gathered together from around the world and published onto the different channels and communities in the Dendrite platform, or visit www.dendrite.me to register and join the learning revolution.

Bloodhound SSC

Bloodhound SSC is a British supersonic land vehicle currently in development. Its goal is to match or exceed 1,000 miles per hour achieving a new world land speed record.The car is powered by a jet engine and a rocket engine and is designed to reach 1,050 miles per hour. It is being developed and built with the intention of breaking the land speed record by 33%, the largest ever margin. Runway testing of up to 200 miles per hour is scheduled and the car will then be tested on the Hakskeen Pan in the Mier area of the Northern Cape, South Africa where a track 12 miles long has been prepared.

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Edward de Bono

Dr. Edward de Bono is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in the fields of creativity and Lateral thinking and was the first person to propose that the human brain is a self organising system. Dr. de Bono developed a tool approach to thinking that helps people get beyond the natural limitations in our thinking. His thinking tools and creative techniques have been taught and used throughout the world, and are used throughout The Learning Partnership which include The Six hats program. Find out how to improve your thinking today.

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The Microsoft Developer Experience team worked closely with The Learning Partnership in developing the Bloodhound BBC micro:bit Rocket Car Competition as a way we could jointly look to achieve engagement by secondary school children in STEM broadly and coding/computer science specifically. By working with The Learning Partnership we were able to take advantage of their existing education outreach and education portal – Dendrite – as well as work closely with their team of experts on curriculum development, educator outreach and the rocket car challenge.

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