Welcome to the Learning Partnership

Set up to understand and apply within education the latest knowledge in the field of neuroscience, TLP has pioneered major advances in educational Leadership, Teaching and Learner engagement over the last decade.

The company is now focused on supporting global engagement in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - by building and delivering STEM engagement programmes and competitions, and linking these experiences to iconic organisations and programmes in the world of STEM.

A company with a social mission, TLP collaborates with many of the thought leaders in this space, to develop applications that make an immediate difference to learner engagement and attainment inside education.

TLP has invested in the build of a unique free at the point of use social learning platform, www.dendrite.me designed to support the developmental journey of human beings... from birth into adulthood.

This website can be used as a navigation resource to access many of the extraordinary resources gathered together from around the world and published onto the different channels and communities in the Dendrite platform, or visit www.dendrite.me to register and join the learning revolution.

TLP is developing Dendrite.me to support the creation of dynamic relationships between the hundreds of thousands of STEM teachers and their students with the college, university and employment opportunities in STEM available around the world today.

TLP is witnessing www.Dendrite.me generating a gentle revolution in the way the education and employment sectors collaborate.

Race for the Line

Race for the Line is the largest team based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition on earth.

Students design and build model rocket cars and race them across the playground at up to 70 mph.

From as a little as £20.00 per team all schools can bring STEM learning to life for year 7 students

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Navigate to the Line

Design and fly lighter than Air Drones in partnership with the world's largest air ship Airlander.

This year 8 STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme enables students to compete with each other to design, build and fly lighter than sir drones.

Coding, STEM learning, team work all play a key part in this outstanding year 8 programme.

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Fly to the Line

Fly to the Line is the Glider Challenge designed for years 4-6.

Built with the RAF museums in the UK, this challenge enables teams to learn practical STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, team work and collaboration.

For as little as £1.00 per team this is a truly valuable primary STEM programme.

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